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My name is Katalin Máté, I am a translator for economic and technical sciences and the European Union in English and Hungarian, have a diploma in economics, a tax consultant qualification, an international TEFL examination (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) and a Cambridge Business English higher language exam.   

During the years spent in corporate environment I provided financial, accounting and taxation consultancy services to many clients and had the chance to experience the importance of communication. I realized it was the English language that inspired me, so I decided to devote my full working time to it. I was equally interested in oral and written communication but finally the balance tipped in favour of the latter. Now I primarily deal with translating texts in the field of electromobility and economics in English-Hungarian language pair. I feel it a privilege that I have the possibility to translate books in the field of economics.
My job is supported by memoQ software, which helps maintain consistent wording that meets the clients’ needs.

If you need a translator, please feel free to contact me.


If you think that it is advisable to delegate professional translations to a professional, you are in the right place. I am ready to translate business documents in the field of electromobility and economics.





Electromobility: It is a field full of challenges. It involves unique expressions, new processes and texts that require complex knowledge. If a document – may it be be a users’ manual, a technical management documentation, a specification or a standard – includes financial, IT and electronical topics as well, the translator must demonstrate broad knowledge of various fields. Besides the motivating challenges of this task it is also important for me that I can be part of this new industry, which leads us towards a new, environment friendly future.





As a consultant I had the possibility to prepare countless financial documents in English and Hungarian, which were expected to have the appropriate style and professional wording. I have already translated numerous financial statements, internal policies, job descriptions, payroll documents, HR and investment files as an employee. This job has required precision and solid professional knowledge. I have always put the emphasis on the professional perfection of the text and done my best to meet the deadlines – I have favoured this approach ever since.







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