Negotiation and presentation voice training in English


    When we talk we have the possibility to present our knowledge. When we speak English, we need to concentrate on quality even more.

    Let’s discover the possibility in your voice. Let’s learn how your voice becomes self-confident, pleasant, in a word, perfect, while you negotiate or keep a presentation in English.


    Why is it worth developing your voice?


    You will be more persuasive as your voice expresses your message.

    You have already taken part in a lot of trainings, but you would like to top off it with presenting your knowledge in a perfect way.

    Reaching the acceptable level has never been enough for you and you would like to make it clear with your communication as well.


    What happens if you develop your voice and find your real voice?


    Your audience will pay attention to you during your whole presentation.

    When you speak, your voice will draw your colleagues’ and your business partners’ attention.

    You will be more successful by having more intense effect on your audience and will benefit from building valuable relationships.

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    Why should you record your voice?

    Recording your voice… it is very uncomfortable, isn’t it? The moment when you listen to the audio file and realise that it’s not what you have counted on. It’s not the voice you are used to, it sounds too harsh, too soft, mumbling, too high, etc. We can continue the list.